Covered in Love (part 2)

I hope you all enjoyed part one of Covered in Love. Here is part 2!

Starting out I want you to answer these questions. Have you ever held a grudge? Got angry? Made the wrong choice? Not listened when you should have listened? Yelled at your children?

Usually when you come unglued as a parent it is because we have expectations of our children that they are not meeting. My children use to call me "mean mommy". Yelling, saying things that I didn't mean, and honestly just not being kind and loving towards my own flesh and blood. How could I do this to the ones that I care about most? I could have done things so different but I didn't know how. Instead I could have been training them in the way they should go. There is this saying that I absolutely love. "Iron fists chisel stony hearts, but graceful hands shape responsive hearts."

Do you respond well if someone yells at you? Probably not. So how do you think your child feels when the one person they love so much and the one they look up to yells at them or says unkind words out of anger? The bible says to be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to anger. Often when you get angry it leads to impatience, rudeness or harsh scolding. We are being unreasonable when we think that acting that way towards our children could possibly make anything better. It usually makes things worse. They cannot grow under those kinds of actions from us parents. With Gods guidance we can transform our angry responses into loving ones but also still form our children and help them grow in obedience.

So... back to the coach thing. Maybe instead of authority figures over our children we need to be more like a coach. A coach is technically a part of a team right? So look at where your children's weaknesses are and intentionally train them in the way they should go. It may be inconvenient sometimes but the rewards are great. Don't bully them when they fail. Lift them up, inspire them to do better and give them wings to fly. Lets be their biggest fans! They are still learning and we have to try and remember that. Heck we are still learning too!

You never realize how big of an impact you can have on your child. Whether it is in a good way or a bad way. Remember they look up to you. They model the things that we as parents do. How we treat them and handle situations will most likely be how they will grow up and handle situations. It's time to grow in love and let the anger go. If you need help or need prayer I am here for you. God bless you all!

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