Hi my name is Samantha. I've started this blog to help individuals all over the world. I want my words to give people hope. This world can be so dark and people can be so mean. Through all of the negativity I want to be the light. When you read my blogs I want you to comment and let me know how they make you feel, whether they helped you or maybe didn't help you. I want everyone to know I am not here to judge anyone because well... that's not my place. I am here to lift you up, let you know that you are worthy, give advice in different situations and all in all show the love of Jesus. I've been where many people are today. Depressed, the feeling of not being good enough, questioning whether I am a good mom, comparing myself to literally everything and everybody on social media, at the point of really just giving up. But then I was saved! After years of trying to save myself and do it all alone I finally surrendered myself to Jesus and I will NEVER turn back. Things are not always great, I still go through valleys but I also know that God will always bring me out and help me climb that mountain. So follow me! Read my blog! Comment away and lets stay strong together and learn from one another.

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